How to prevent burnout in 2 easy steps

How to prevent burnout in 2 easy steps

Running a small business, and the stress associated with wearing many hats is a very slippery slope. In an instant you can go from “just checking a few emails” to “staying until midnight” working in your business.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with dedication, the long hours and even longer list of tasks to be done can quickly turn from a little stress to overwhelming burnout before you know it.

The Mayo Clinic defines job burnout as “a special type of job stress, a state of physical, emotional or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about your competence and the value of your work.”

Entrepreneurs, such as affiliate owners are particularly susceptible to burnout, especially in a fully connected, digital and social world that we operate our fitness centres.

The burden of creating a community orientated business from scratch and leading a team can build up over time and can manifest itself in unfortunate ways.

I’ve dealt with job burnout at several different points in my career, and know how hard it can be to overcome once it sets in.

In my desperation to prevent burnout before it caused real problems in my business, I’ve managed to find a few ways to identify its symptoms and avoid its impact.

Change your scenery

I’m a big believer your environment has a tremendous impact on both the quality of work you produce and your overall feeling of wellbeing.

Working from the same place, with the same views, during the same hours reinforces a sense of monotony and can lead to burnout……really quickly.

Recently, I have taken the steps to change my ‘office’ view, by running calls and basic tasks from a local cafe, sometimes a park, and even down at my local beach.

It’s amazing the difference that spending 10 minutes in the sun can make on your mindset for the day.

Find your creative outlet

Running your own affiliate can be stressful, terrifying, and sometimes very lonely.

Even for business owners with great support networks and mentors, it can still be difficult to find an outlet to vent, after all, our partners can get concerned about the how your business challenges will affect their lives.

It took me a while to establish one that created a sense of happiness, but the best addition to my burnout prevention was finding a creative outlet, something that was removed from the day-to-day of running my business, that allowed me to channel focus onto, and sometimes allow some nervous energy to be exorcised away from the business (see what we did there).

I have very close affiliate friends who find their creativity through music, surfing, art and even the more technical based hobbies, and have been pleased to see just how much more balanced and focused they can be after spending even just a few hours away from their daily grind, eliminating that nervous, sometimes frustrated energy that can lead to a very dark and anxious place, certainly far removed from the positive environment we hope to create for our clients.

So take a look at your surroundings, look and listen to how you feel, maybe these 2 simple steps can keep you shining brighter for longer, which can only be a good thing right?


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