Cash, Card or Debit? How do you handle your sales?

Cash, Card or Debit? How do you handle your sales?

Do you run your facility without the ability to take a quick payment from a Credit or Debit Card?

You could be losing thousands of dollars by not having the ability to close that sale on-the-spot.

With the ease of the ‘tap and go’ process with in-store purchases, we have really begun to notice a shift in the way people pay for goods and services, and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

Even my dog washer has the ability to take credit card payments now.

Don’t get me wrong there are still people like my grandma who, for her own reasons like to do it the old way. She will still withdraw money from inside the bank with a teller and will only use her credit and/or debit card at some very select stores.

Here’s the thing, people like my Grandma are becoming few and far between. Most of us now live in a cash free world.

It’s so easy just to ‘tap and go’ we hardly need the cash anymore (and besides, spending $12 by breaking a $20 note doesn’t lead to more saving).

If you run a gym without credit card facilities, what you need is every customer to be just like my Grandma, and let me be honest, you could be waiting a while as my Grandma isn’t coming to your gym anytime soon (that’s because she comes to mine, and I don’t charge her).

By offering credit card facilities you increase the chances of closing the deal and making the sale right then and there.

How many times has a potential client been interested in joining but not had the hard cash? Or you haven’t had the option to take a card purchase on-the-spot, so you send them off with your bank account details and hope they transfer the money?

After a few days you call, asking when they are starting and you get the run around, all because their purchase was too hard to complete.

By not having the ability to process a card payment quickly, you’ve lost a customer before they’ve even left your gym, and the hardest part is getting them there in the first place.

Banks offer a variety of merchant options from full blown EFTPOS machines down to the Mobile Payways, being an inexpensive and very easy way to ensure you can take every possible sale quickly, and without hassle for the customer.

Got questions? Ask us how we adapted our affiliate to this change in spending habits, or speak to your bank.

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