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The Fitness Industry has changed. No longer is there a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that works for everyone, and as a result of the successes of smaller, specialised, independent fitness centres has meant your needs have progressed from what it has been in the past, to what it needs to be now.

Affiliates Australia unifies independent and affiliate fitness businesses under a common standard of industry excellence and understanding, being formed in 2016, Matty has helped numerous Fitness Business Owners and Directors create the business they originally set out to achieve with Clarity, Direction & Accountability.

“What we has noticed is that most Microgym Owners have a team but are not performing at their peak; and don’t have the systems in place to ensure sustainability. This ultimately results in them juggling too many roles & tasks, creating a feeling of overwhelm, frustration & burnout, and often this leads to an exit from a industry and career they were once very passionate about”.

Whether you’re a small garage based training facility or a larger affiliate, Matty & the Team at Affiliates Australia will get your business fit now, and even fitter for the future.

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